Wedding Reception Entertainment

Worried that you reception won't live up to your expectations?  Then, let our company help put your mind at ease.   Discover why we're the one of the most requested and most referred dj services in the area!

Your wedding is an event that you and your family will remember for the rest of your lives. Therefore, we'd love to help you create an incredibly fun, and unique celebration that truly reflects your style and personality. Being wedding specialists, we understand the significance of even the smallest detail. Therefore, we totally tailor each and every reception to each couple’s vision for their day. 

Packages and Pricing

To say that every wedding is unique is a gross understatement.  Some couples are just having a 4 hour reception, some also require additional equipment for the cocktail hour or ceremony, some are interested in ambient uplighting or other effects, and some are even interested in combining our DJ and Photobooth Service.  Therefore, we have a large selections of options for you to choose from. Though we are happy to put together a completely custom package for each client here are 3 of our most popular.



Completely Charmed Package - Starting at $1475.00

Our introductory package includes all the basics that make for a successful reception:

-Peace of mind, knowing that you have hired one of the most referred, respected and reputable entertainment companies on the East Coast.  We'll totally take care of you from day one!

- Complete access to our amazing "on-line" Planning System which will allow you to easily orchestrate the details of your one-of-kind reception

- Complete assurance that all of your musical requests will be played and that all of your special announcements will be made

- Complete access to our enormous "on-line" Music Library for all of your special requests 

- Masterful entertainment & articulate announcements by an expertly trained Two Person Team consisting of a personable and professional sounding Master of Ceremonies and Disc Jockey.

- Behind the scenes coordination from your Master of Ceremonies to ensure that all events flow smoothly
- "Hi-End" professional sound system to ensure crystal clear sound & equipment reliability 

- Lush Lighting, which provides an elegant wash of color to enhance the ambience of the dance floor

- Complete use of our wireless microphone for toasts / speeches

- Unlimited "full-time" office support by phone and e-mail

- Direct e-mail access to your assigned Master of Ceremonies... and much much more.



Entirely Enchanted Package - Starting at $1745.00

INCLUDES all the features from the "Completely Charmed" package above PLUS...the addition of a second entertainer, our enhanced dance floor lighting, a custom monogram projection, and an in person meeting with your assigned entertainer. By bundling all these features together there is a significant savings when using the Entirely Enchanted Package. 

Enhanced Dance Floor Lighting
Our dazzling Expanded Lighting System that will turn any dance floor into the hottest spot in town. Special effects lighting easily lures toe tappin feet out to the center of the dance floor by using brilliant effects & thousands of light combinations. 

Custom Monogram Projection
Your Name In Lights will leave your guests in total awe. We create a custom monogram projection with your names and wedding date, your initials, you name it! This creates incredible photo opportunities that will be unique to your reception and un-like any other event your guests have ever attended. 
An In-Person Meeting
As many of the couples that choose this package seem to be more detail oriented in nature, the Entirely Enchanted Package also includes an in-person meeting with your assigned entertainer 2 weeks-10 days out from your reception to go over all of the last minute details and talk through your completed planning forms.


Ultimately AweStruck - Starting at $2230.00

Be sure to take a second to read all of the details from the two packages above, as this Ultimate package INCLUDES every feature from them PLUS two final touches that will leave your guests in AWE... By Bundling every feature together from all 3 of our packages there is a significant savings when using the Ultimately Awestruck Package 
Ambient LightScaping (UpLighting)
The most remarkable addition in this package includes Ambient Lightscaping (up-lighting) which can totally change the ambience of any venue. Ourlighting fixtures will be placed evenly around the room, against the wall...and aimed at the ceiling creating an incredibly elegant effect! Fixtures can be any color you like.... Totally Your Choice! 

Celebration Under The Stars Experience
Our Celebration Under the Stars Experience is really something you have to see to believe. Imagine dancing under the stars, while indoors. Our Laser Starfield is a certified jaw dropper, as it usually receives its own ovation from wedding guests.








Additional Options... Which May Be Added A La Carte

-Moody's Instant Memory PhotoBooth: As PhotoBooths have become the hottest trend in the wedding industry we have several options available to our clients.  You can check out all of the PhotoBooth details HERE.

-An Additional Sound System for your ceremony or cocktail hour in a different room of the venue:  Many of our couples choose to have their wedding ceremony or cocktail hour on site but in a different space than their we're able to provide a smaller secondary sound system which includes a wireless clip on microphone for the officiant as well. 

-Custom Personalized Recordings Featuring Your Own Voices:  Imagine the "WOW Factor" that our guests will feel during your first dance or parents your very own voices are heard sharing sentimental thoughts or memories.  WOW!  Couples are able to come into our studio in order to record their thoughts. Then, our team will magically and seamlessly edit your voices into the song during instrumental breaks. WOW WOW WOW!

-Expanded Sound System For Weddings With Over 200 Guests: The sound quality at each and every wedding is so important to us.  If you are planning a reception with more than 200 guests in attendance we would suggest adding on to our standard sound system.  The Expanded System will help all special toasts, announcements and music to be heard clearly by everyone in the ballroom.

-Your Name In Lights: This beautiful & unique effect offers a sense of elegance to any reception. Projecting your names or initials on the wall, ceiling or dance floor is visually amazing ...and has a large impact on wedding guests. Over the years we have seen guests run to grab their cameras in order to take pictures of this impressive projection. Your photographs while standing or dancing nearby are amazing!

-Ambient Up Lighting: Our Up Lighting is more about the décor' of the room as a whole... rather than just the dance floor. As landscaping accentuates a yard, our "Lightscaping" splashes the walls of your venue with a subtle accent of color that matches or compliments your linens, flowers, dresses etc.. Lighting fixtures are placed evenly around the room... against the wall... then aimed to shine directly up at the ceiling. This extraordinary look completely changes the ambience of your venue ... and really creates a "WOW" factor. We are able to do this in just about any color imaginable.

-Enhanced Dance Floor Lighting: This addition combines special effects lighting fixtures with our standard color wash. Though our basic color wash lighting system is fantastic...we are often requested to bump up the excitement on the dance floor when it's time to party. Our special effects lighting fixtures fire up and instantly transform any room into the hottest dance floor in town.  These hi-end lighting fixtures produce thousands of amazing lighting combinations and dance to the beat of the music as brilliant beams of light...rotate...pulsate...and every other type of "ate" you can imagine.

-Celebration Under The Stars: Though your celebration may not be out in the open night sky...we can bring the stars to you and your guests! Our Celebration Under The Stars experience is something that your guests will talk about for a long time to come...and often times, receives it's own ovation from wedding guests when set in motion