Timmy Eckrich

 - Assistant DJ -       

We love having a “Family Business” that is truly made up of real family members.   SMEC is made up of fathers and daughters, nieces, cousins, brothers and so much more.  After Timmy’s older brother,  Patrick,  joined our company… we were hoping that it was only a matter of time before Timmy came on board. 

We have known him for years and have been so excited to see him become such a great young man.  He’s the kind of employee that every company wants.  He’s the kind of person that arrives early, stays late… and has a smile the entire time he is helping out.

Timmy has always loved being around people and has been a part of many actives in school and with local sporting organizations that have allowed him the opportunity to become a real “people person”.  Once you meet him for the first time, you’ll feel as if you have bumped into a lifelong friend.