Moody's Instant Memory Photobooth

SMEC's Photo Booth

PhotoBooths have become the absolute hottest trend in the Wedding Industry...and we're so excited to be able to offer our clients all of the fun and excitement!  With so many makes and models of booths created around the country, it's with great pride that we offer all of our couples the leading booth in the industry.  Purchasing the most reputable booth on the market ensures that your guests will have an outstanding time and receive the same level of extraordinary service that our clients have come accustomed  to with SMEC.


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During Your Reception
Your guests will surely make the most out of their time in the booth. Honestly, there is something extremely special that happens when family and friends step in and close the curtains. In fact, these shots will be unlike any other photos taken during your celebration. It always seems that when folks are alone with the camera... the smiles are bigger, the laughs are louder and the pictures are just out of this world! 

After Your Reception
The memories of your celebration will last for a long time to come, as this is the one "favor" that guests are sure to keep. It honestly seems silly to spend money on small trinkets that usually end up in the garbage or left on tables. These pictures always make it out the door and will be seen every time they open their refrigerator.